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Four Business Applications of AI

For many businesses, artificial intelligence still seems like a pipe dream.

However, while we’re still a long way away from true AI simplifying every aspect of our lives, AI in smaller, less obvious forms is already heavily impacting the way that businesses and individuals alike are living their day-to-day lives.

From robo-trading platforms to monitoring tools, AI has already proven itself incredibly capable of handling many complex tasks, and is only going to get more sophisticated with time.  

Despite this, many businesses continue to feel left out—after all, it’s only the largest, most established enterprises that have the luxury of being able to adopt—and benefit from—AI, right?


As it turns out, AI is almost ubiquitous in many modern and accessible applications, and today, we’re going to look at four ways that businesses of all sizes can leverage it in their day-to-day operations to boost productivity and performance.

Four Business Applications of AI

#1: Customer Service

That’s right—what once required individual agents handling phone and email requests can now, to a great extent, be handled through AI. Website chatbots have proven themselves to be an invaluable tool at improving customer engagement and retention, and is a solution that is inherently reliable and scalable.

As long as your business continues to fill the data stores with new, updated information, your chatbot will continue to provide your customers with accurate answers and insights, giving you the comfort of knowing that your customers are taken care of at all hours of the day.

#2: Security, Security, Security

Threats can be difficult to monitor—having eyes on your network and mapping usage patterns can take an extraordinary amount of manpower. Thankfully, there exists an alternative—AI. Artificial intelligence-powered programs excel at taking and compressing vast ranges of information to map patterns and detect abnormalities, which is perfect for complex, demanding fields such as network security.

If your business is currently in the process of managing all of this by hand, then AI-driven security solutions can be the perfect way to bolster productivity and peace of mind.

#3: Day-to-Day Convenience

Micromanaging everyday annoyances that might present themselves can eat up your productivity and time. For example, scheduling responses, taking notes, flagging emails, and more are all relatively minor parts of everyone’s work day that slowly become more and more time-consuming as tasks pile up.

Smart assistants, automated email responses, document and email sorting systems, and spam filters are all examples of technologies powered by AI that can save you a tremendous amount of time.

#4: Process Automation

Perhaps the area that gets the most attention, process automation involves taking manual, repetitive tasks that are often handled by humans and automating them through the use of systems and software. This can involve sending out emails to customers, conducting routine data entry, transferring files, and more.

Process automation frees your teams up to handle more complex tasks without worrying about being bogged down in the repetitive, everyday actions that still need to be done.

We hope we showed you that AI doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy in order to be effective. Taking advantage of what the technology does, even on a smaller, more granular level can still offer tremendous productivity benefits that will go a long way towards ensuring that your business stays on top of its tasks. Regardless of precisely how you intend—or need—to use it, there’s room for AI in every business!

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